The R66T Academy is all about finding ways to encourage people to play more cricket. By making cricket fun we think we can increase the take up and retention of players. We want to intensify the experience of young players by using the best available technology and expertise. 
Via our Schools Partnership Program, we want to engage with youngsters via schools. We want to share ideas coaching techniques with teachers and enhance the delivery of cricket coaching to school-age players. 
Our High Performance Program has been established to see how high players can take their own performance. We do this via camps, tours and residentials by taking players out of their comfort zone, making them uncomfortable and encouraging them to find a way to overcome adversity. We believe this not only develops cricketing skills but it also develops the individual. 
"Cricket has been in my family for years. I played cricket, my father played cricket, his father played cricket and his father before him. It’s in our blood. 
Over the years my family has produced players with a wide range of abilities, from local league cricketers to the world’s number one Test player. One thing we have all had in common is a great passion for the game. 
I started coaching my two boys from a very early age. I taught them the basics of cricket and tried to impress upon them how to play the game honestly and competitively and to express their natural individual talents. I'd like to share what worked for us and what didn't.  
I have always felt it important to promote the enjoyment of all aspects of the game and to engender a healthy, competitive spirit, to highlight how team performance is paramount and how the individual contributions of players merely contribute towards team objectives. 
I have always tried to teach an appreciation of excellence and to encourage the enjoyment of the success of fellow players. 
These are principles I’d like to invite cricketers all over the world to adopt.  
Unlock your cricketing potential with THE R66T ACADEMY.” 
Matt Root 
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