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Machines with issues 
If you have a machine with a fault or issue, email a photo or video of the issue to us via enquiries@r66t.co.uk and we shall do our best to provide a solution for you without having to return or replace the item. 
If the item needs refunding or returning see below our returns/refunds policy. 
All our machines have a 6 month warranty, if you are wishing to return an item still under warranty, contact enquiries@therootacademy.co.uk and we shall be happy to arrange a replacement or refund. 
How to fix issues without sending item back 
With all machines; 
Make sure all machines are fully charged (Recommended 12 hours) 
Make sure all machines, if battery not included, are plugged into an electrical outlet and the electricity is running correctly 
Make sure all wires and leads are correctly connected and working 
Make sure all plugs/connectors are without fault and fit correctly 
Make sure all wrapping is taken off machines before use and that items have been removed from packaging correctly 
Make sure the mouth of the launcher is placed to launch below the horizontal, the machine uses gravity to propel the ball as well as the electric motor, use the wheel on the side of the machine to adjust. 
Make sure that before turning on, no launcher balls are placed in the launcher itself as the motor wheels may not turn if a ball is already in place 
Make sure that all plugs and cables are inserted into the machine properly and that any battery is fully charged before first use 
Make sure all screws are tightened properly before first use 
Make sure that the feeder spiral is correctly inserted into the feeder itself. 
Make sure the plug and wire are fixed into the machine properly. 
Make sure that there are no feeder balls in the machine before first use. 
Make sure the tube of balls is inserted correctly 
Make sure that before turning on, that no reactor balls are placed into the reactor as the motor wheels may not turn if when turned on, a ball is already in place 
Make sure all screws are fastened properly before first use 
Returns Policy 
We are able to organise a hassle-free courier return of your item, free of charge. The courier can collect from your address on a specified date. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can choose to return your item to a nearby drop-shop. 
Once you’ve decided upon the most convenient returns method for you, let us know via an email enquiries@therootacademy.co.uk, package up the item and we’ll email a returns label. 
When we have received your machine, we will aim to process your refund within one week. For a replacement machine, we will aim to dispatch within one week. 
International Shipping 
We can ship to worldwide destinations, email us at enquiries@therootacademy.co.uk and we will be able to quote you for international shipping and process your order. 
Product Specific Information 
The machine has three settings, high, medium and low. The machine has a top speed of 45mph but can replicate up to 75mph depending on the position of the machine and the batsman 
Swing characteristics can be made by setting one motor to high and one to medium or low. 
Comes with a UK plug which is compatible with US/EU/AU adaptors. 
The machine uses 6 type C batteries to function and comes with a power cord for access to mains electricity 
The top speed of the reactor is 45mph 
It has an adjustable angle of delivery, which can be done by turning the wheel at the back of the machine 
The reactor balls are golf ball sized and are made of solid foam and come in sets of 12 
Comes with a UK plug which is compatible with US/EU/AU adaptors. 
Comes with a UK plug which is compatible with US/EU/AU adaptors. 
Fully equipped with 8 practice balls, and suitable for indoor and outdoor use 
Batteries are not included 

Coaching Camps 

How much does a R66T Academy camp cost? 
Please view the specific Cricket Camps page on the Root Academy website for the cost of each of the camps https://www.therootacademy.co.uk/cricket-camps/ 
What are the camp hours? 
Players are to be registered at the camp at 9:30am. Camp hours are then 10:00am to 3:30pm with half an hour for lunch. 
Hours may vary on International camps. Please see the International page for specific timings https://www.therootacademy.co.uk/cricket-camps/international/
What happens after I book online? 
Once your booking is processed, you will be emailed with confirmation of your booking. Further information regarding specific camp information will then be emailed to the email address used for the booking approximately 3-5 days before the camp is due to start. 
Is it possible to attend just one or two days of the camp? 
This varies depending upon each camp. The programme for each camp is created by R66T Academy oaches and depending upon the activities the camp involves, this will determine whether the camp can be booked as an individual day or for the full camp duration. 
This ensures that players get the most training and opportunities to play and improve their skills as possible.  
Can children be grouped with their friends or siblings? 
At each camp, players are split into groups based upon age and ability levels to ensure each player gets the most out of the camps. Based upon this, we can not guarantee that the coaches will be able to keep together specific groups of existing friends. What we can guarantee is that new friends will be made at the camp! 
How many children are in a group/net? 
For safety reasons, In netting situations we work to a ratio of 1 coach to a maximum of 8 players, in outside match play and training purposes we work to a ratio of 1 coach to a maximum of 15 players. 
What do children do at lunchtime/who supervises them? 
Lunch involves a short break for food, drinks and rest - players are supervised by the coaches at all times 
Lunch/Nut free policy 
Players will need to bring their own drinks, along with lunch and snacks in a suitable lunch box or bag unless otherwise stated. Lunch and snacks should not consist of any nuts or nut-based products. Players will need to bring their own refillable drink bottle each day. 
Who is in charge of First Aid? 
All coaches who run R66T Academy camps are First Aid qualified and the Lead Coach will be in overall charge of First Aid. As part of our kit, we also carry with us a fully stocked first aid kit which complies to British safety standard BS8599. 
Can parents stay or do they need to stay the full day? 
Once participants have been registered by R66T Academy staff, parents have no obligation to stay and watch. However , if parents would like to, they can stay and watch for as long as they would like. Parents must then return for collection of participants at least 15 minutes before the scheduled end of the day/camp and we will ask parents to sign their child out at the end of the session. 
Are discounts available for siblings? 
We do not offer discounts for siblings, we plan our sessions to keep overhead costs low and so we feel the camp is already fantastic value for money. 
Do all coaches have safeguarding training and DBS checks? 
All staff and coaches who work on R66T Academy camps have up-to-date safeguarding training and the necessary Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks. 
What standard of cricket does my child have to play at to take part in the camps? 
We have a wide variety of camps for all ages and abilities. See our Cricket Camps page (https://www.therootacademy.co.uk/cricket-camps/) on our website for specific standards for camps. 
What is the R66T Academy behaviour policy 
Please see the attached code of conduct for all participants on Root Academy camps  
What is the R66T Academy Health and Safety policy for camps 
Please see the attached link to view our camp specific health and safety policy  
Does the R66T Academy value diversity 
We welcome participants from all backgrounds and all parts of the world. We value diversity and we do not tolerate any discriminatory practices. 
We promote the cultural safety, participants and empowerment of children and their families from culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds. 
We welcome children with disabilities and act to promote their participation 
We seek appropriate staff from all cultural backgrounds. 
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